A list of links to content from known allies to Bitcoin.

Podcasts & Video Channels

Bitcoin & Markets – Podcaster, @AnselLindner, takes a sober look at the economic perspectives relating to Bitcoin markets on his new podcast series

BitcoinErrorLog – Video Interviews with crypto personalities, including Charlie Lee, Roger Ver, and Vinny Lingham.

Block Digest – Block Digest covers the rapidly changing developments in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency live on YouTube.

The World Crypto Network – A YouTube channel with a large variety of channels and broadcasters covering current events, the latest Bitcoin tech, and interviewing various Crypto personalities, broadcasting live daily.


Bitcoin Trading Signals – Enky has been trading Bitcoins since before most of you had any. Simple and to-the-point technical analysis with an emphasis on volume-based indicators. – Investigative Bitcoin Blogger

Social – Site that ranks the influence of "Crypto Twitter".

Bitcoin Core  – Bitcoin Core is an open source project which maintains and releases Bitcoin client software called “Bitcoin Core”.

The Bitcoin OTC Web of Trust (The WoT) - A reputation system that uses a web of trust to manage relationships. Originally uses for the over-the-counter marketplace for bitcoin currency, the #bitcoin-otc channel, on the freenode IRC network. 

Bitcoin Resources (By Jameson Lopp) - An extensive link list of essential Bitcoin resources. A great link for people that are new and really want to learn.