For Bitcoiners, by Bitcoiners

For now, This is a project in its infancy, starting with a simple online shop containing merchandise catering to Bitcoiners, Twitter trolls, fashionable cypherpunks, and the like.

I have been in the Bitcoin world for 6+ years, and from Day 1 it has infected and consumed me. I interfaced with this industry in almost every manner, yet I have endlessly struggled with searching for a way to be a part of advancing the evolution of Bitcoin without having to compromise integrity.

In many cases, a person seeking to profit from Bitcoin is at odds with Bitcoin. Sometimes it seems like the only pure ways to confidently contribute are to buy Bitcoins, become a developer, mine, or run a node. Even then, miners and developers can barely cooperate or organize at all without facing severe criticisms and challenges.

Bitcoin is a sort of black hole that will take anything you want to give, and in return you are allowed to bare some of the risk of participation. But it’s probably too abstract to call Bitcoin a black hole. It is more of a digital organism, with a phenomenal ability to adapt and defend itself.

I'm compelled to function as a white blood cell, defending this organism from intruders trying to scam, from the spread misinformation, from VCs circling like vultures, and from adversaries seeking to increase Bitcoin’s attack surface.

As time passes, Bitcoin is attacked more frequently and more aggressively, sparking more and more white blood cells show themselves. We organize in defense, educating and tearing down lies and hidden agendas.

So far, I've contributed by trying to hold the players accountable however I can, with livestreams, Twitter debates, etc. I'm also working to help everyone in the world live on crypto by working as Chief Communications Officer at Bitrefill.com

BICTOINTELPRO is just one more evolution of Bitcoin’s immune system, seeking to facilitate and protect Bitcoin by joining the fray. I have a lot of ideas about how BITCOINTELPRO can contribute, and I will share more details in the future. It will be more than an online shopping cart, and I will do my best to keep it up in the style and passion you are accustomed to seeing from me in the community.

I appreciate any and all support and feedback. You can contact me directly by tweeting at me at @bitcoinerrorlog or @bitcointelpro

You can also join me, and others with interest in fighting for Bitcoin, in Telegram here: https://t.me/joinchat/CfokiUPUwLITphKXk5hB0g

If you would like to contribute to my efforts, buy some stuff from the store!